Friday, January 30, 2009

Urban Outfitters Gets it Wrong!

I LOVE Urban Outfitters!!! The styles are always right on, the price point is great, and they have stores everywhere, plus an awesome online store. So when I went to buy a swimsuit online for this summer, I was really excited to see what new styles they were going to have. When I opened the swimsuit portion of the site, my eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing. They chose the WRONG model to wear these suits! She has no waist! How did such a big brand get it so wrong? Customers are going to be completely distracted and probably leave the site immediately. UGH!

I would rather see a bunch of models with different shapes and sizes and show the variety of swimsuits appropriate for their shape. But of course, no retailer does this. Wishful thinking I suppose. Here are the wrong suits for her shape and right suits below. This a great example of how to wear the suits if you happen to have no waist, so I thank them for that.


Don't wear a small print with a low hip line.

Don't wear straight vertical stripes if your hips are already straight linesDon't wear a boy cut suitDO

Do wear a suit that makes the eye look to the middle and up.

Do wear embellishments in the upper middle portion of your body.
Do wear a higher hip line and a tri-colored suit that breaks the lines in the body.


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

great article. I was giggling so much because my girlfriends just got back from shopping in vegas and apparently one of them was severely scolded for not knowing how to shop for her body type. Apparently, the one who did has been shopping with you and can walk into any store and buy something that will work for her body type. Hilarious. You have mad skills!! xo

D. Goddess said...

I hate Urban Outfitters. Their catalogs are porn. I have a husband and a 10 year old son in the house. Actually it was my husband who pointed out how trashy their pictures were. I was shocked that they target these to teens. We've only received two catalogs, but I called and had them stopped. Hhhmmm, I can't buy clothes from there in good conscience.

christensen crew said...

Good pointers although I disagree with Don't wear vertical lines...even if your hips are narrow...vertical lines will show off your tiny hips! The smaller the better...always. The vertical lines suit was almost the very most flattering in my humble opinion!!! :)