Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Erin Dugan Featured on "All About Models"

From the words of Samira from All About Models:

"Well, there is a new face, a realy new one with a touch of these unique look. Many new faces are just pretty.Other ones are very special and some, like Erin are very unique and fresh. Erin is from Salk Lake, it's small city in the United States. She was discovered by Echo Models . Echo models is a small, but very fine boutique agency in America, with many promising new faces. My first impression of this beauty is huge. Such a beautiful and symmetrical face shape, with a very strong gaze and such soft big eyes. Erin has beside her simply great looking, also very remarkable polaroids. Every single polaroid of her is different and unique. She has a great start with her 16 years, and her height of 174m. She's a girl that should be stayed in our minds. Take a look at Erin's polaroids."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sensibly Styled Blog!

I just came across the coolest blog! It's called Sensibly Styled and it's geared toward providing fashionable modest clothes from all the major brands and bringing them all to one place. The blog.

It's clean, it's fresh and we finally have a place to go to search for modest clothes without feeling like we're comprising our style.

A dress by DownEast Basics.