Monday, April 14, 2008

When in Doubt, Wear White!

If one morning, you're searching frantically for something colorful to wear and not feeling right about anything you put on (Admit it, we all change at least three times a day), wear white! It is Spring 2008's new color!

One of the great things about wearing a solid color is that you can break it up by accessorizing Sometimes, it's hard to accessorize when you have a print on, mostly because it's not easy matching your purse, shoes, bracelet, necklace with each other and to your outfit, but with solids, you don't have too. Plus, your accessories will be more noticeable too. I guarantee you'll get compliments from everyone who walks by!

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Street Style!

I was walking home from the mall today and saw these two girls standing on the side of what was probably their parent's mini van. At first I glanced over and admired their cute style but after I passed them, I thought to myself, "What a good example of dressing for your body type, why not take a picture of them and blog about it?" Unfortunately I didn't have a good camera, I had to take the shots with my cell phone so I apologize for the quality. But don't they look cute?

The first girl isn't more than 13 years old, and a rectangle body shape- she looks fabulous! Here at Shape Candy the goal is to embrace your shape, be proud of it and dress accordingly right? She did a great job, instead of wearing something tight, she put on a cute tunic she got somewhere in San Fransisco. The color looks great on her as well, especially with her brown hair.

The second girl, her sister, is around 15 or 16 and is an hourglass shape (a little more curvy) She's also wearing a cute tunic, but I LOVE that her purse has the same blue as her shoe's and coordinates well with the black in her outfit.

It's hard to find young girls these days who are confident enough to look this good. I'm sure that sounds strange, but I strongly believe there are so many who are trying to look well beyond their years and they do that by wearing inappropriate clothing. For example, it's been a long winter and finally this week it warmed up. Well, I went to an outdoor mall that day and of course, almost every teenage girl found an excuse to wear short shorts and spaghetti strap tanks. Okay, it was warm but it wasn't THAT warm. Good for THESE girls below, may the girls at the mall look to them as an example!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Britney Spear's Unfortunate Style!

This poor girl, I really tried to avoid using her as an example because of what the media has done to her already (and what she's done to herself) but I can't help it. She's really one of the only celebrities that consistently has bad taste. I don't know who her stylist is, but if she has one, they NEED to be fired! And if she doesn't have one, then WHY NOT? Please, someone save her from going down in history as one of the world' worst dressed!

Anyway, I decided to try to find at least some pictures of her actually looking stylish. It was really difficult and I was only able to find one where she looks great. So, in effort to give her some credit for dressing for her body shape, even if it is rare, here she is looking pretty bad and then, pretty dang good for being Britney Spears. Good job Brit!

DON'T: wear too tight of jeans that are torn. These must have taken her hours to put on.
DON'T: Let it hang out
DO: wear a black jacket that hides those hips with nice fitted jeans and brown boots.

Major Fashion Don'ts

For years Glamour Magazine's most read section has been the Do's and Don'ts page. For obvious reasons these types of pictures are always fun to look at. I think because it allows us to feel better about ourselves by thinking, "Oh, I would never do that!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

The look for less!

Cute outfits eh? They look expensive too right? Well, fortunately for you, these are all under $40 at Forever 21. It is possible to look like you spend hundreds, really spending very little. Forever 21 has been making cheap, trendy, stylish clothes for a long time, it's about time you go there to shop. Yes, it does take hours to sift through countless racks of clothes, but time well spent if you can get looks like these. Heck just go to the website and save yourself some time

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not your common swimsuits!

Okay, so we all know how easy it is to find bikinis. But where do you go when you want to buy a one piece, especially one that doesn't make you feel like you're 70 years old? Urban Outfitter's finally caught on to the fact that there are many women who prefer to cover up a little and still look trendy. Here are just a few suits they have for sale right now. Take a look at which suit makes you shapecandy:
This suit would be so cute on someone with rectangle body shape because of the way it's cut on the hips. It gives the appearance that you're more curvy.

Black looks good on everyone and this would look great on most body shapes. Though, for inverted triangle body shape, because of the way it straps over the neck it would make the shoulders look more broad than they already are.

Pay attention to where your eyes focus. Notice the pink/blue line right down the middle? This is an ideal focal point and would make anyone look thinner.
For those with the broad shoulders, wear this. It would also be a nice suit for triangle shape women. Generally, your eyes rest up and center.

To see more suits, visit:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Shape your style, style your shape!

Welcome to ShapeCandy

Instead of treating shape like it's a problem, ShapeCandy will allow you to feel sexy and confident about your shape and be able to dress and look like a million dollars! Here you can tell us your secrets of what clothes work best for your shape so other women can benefit from your knowledge...and Shape
Candy will show you what the latest trends and styles are and tell what will look good on your shape. Put it this way, instead of wardrobe styling, it's shape styling!

I hope you enjoy this blog!