Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sundance, Models and Shaun White!

The other night I went to this great party put on by Elite and Vice Magazine. It was extremely exclusive (apparently that means you're cool if you get in) and there were plenty of supermodels and movie stars to hang out with. I had the pleasure of going with two of the models that I scouted: Daniel Vacca, and Erin Reese, both who will soon be HUGE successes! And never in my life have I witnessed two people who don't know each other wearing the SAME purple dress they've both owned for years. Daniele and Erin didn't think it was very funny but I was laughing.

Anyway, Erin Reese was cool enough to hang out with Shaun White and even go snowboarding with him the next day. NOT FAIR! Although I did enjoy leaving the party early to go home to my little baby. How lucky am I? Very, lil' Zoe B is way cooler than Shaun White. he he

This is Erin and Shaun.

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Jennifer and Jason Young said...

so fun! I think my brother Jordan and his friend Heather were there too modelling for pulse! Hope you and the babies are good! I am at the Dallas Apparrel market. xo