Monday, March 2, 2009

Mom Pant Special!

I went to the zoo the other day with my husband and kids on a very special day. It was "mom pants day", okay so maybe it was just "free day" at the zoo (which is why I went of course) and every mom in town was there. I saw a plethora of mom pants and so I couldn't resist but bring back one of the classic styles to life again. Especially the classic SNL mom pant commercial! By the way, in case you're one of those who think that if you don't wear this style the only alternative is to wear low-rider pants, think again and see below.

And of course, the pictures of the day!

The Grand Finale:

Mom Pant Definition: Too high, too tight makes the bum look big
Suggestion's for those of us with the mom pant problem, here's how to wear pants:

1. Buy stretch
2. Get pants with back pockets not too high and not too low.
3. Wear dark colors
4. Don't wear heavy stitching or decorations on the backside.

The best pant/jean out there is by far the Lucky Brand Rider jeans for about $89 at Macy's. Get em' you'll love em'.
This is a really great site also for custom feel and designed jeans: Indi Denim or click the picture below.


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

thanks for the suggestions! you are so talented!

Amy Weiland said...

I love the actual examples along with the video. Classic!!