Sunday, June 7, 2009

Echo Models! New in SLC

It's about time but I finally started my own management company called Echo Models! Nothing big but I'm really excited about it. If you happen to come across any girls ages 13-20 who are over 5.9 and super thin (sorry, it's an industry standard) then send them my way in good conscience knowing that I don't sell modeling classes or photoshoots. I hand pick them, develop them and send them on to work in the biggest markets in the world (NY, Paris, London, Milan). It's mostly a hobby yes, but I'm so passionate about it which means my heart is in the best interest of the model and her family.

Wish me luck!!


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

How exciting! Congrats!

sarahandtim said...

That sounds so cool! I wish I were over 5'9"! I have been dabbling in modeling recently -- I'm 25 and 5'6". Is there still hope? Good luck with this new fun venture.