Friday, July 4, 2008

Daring Prom Dresses

I know I'm way out of high school, and not doing the prom thing anymore but, every so often I'll be out and about on prom night. You know, when all the kids are prancing around with the dates they barely know and looking awkward as heck? I actually love gazing and observing their awkwardness because I love knowing I don't have to be in that situation anymore.

When I was little, I loved checking out the different types of prom dresses the girls would wear. And yes, I remember them being quite unique from one another. Well, you would think that in this day in age, when there are SO many options and AND opportunities to look different, they all look the same. I'm so tired of seeing the same dress on every girl. Okay, not the exact same thing but pretty much the same boring styles. It seems to be an "I'm still 8 years old and want to be a princess" thing or a "How can I look 35 years old and easy tonight?" thing.

If I were in high school again and had the chance to do the prom thing all over again, I would choose something similar to these dresses (below). I suppose I would probably have to make it rather than spend $2000+ on it but hey, it can actually be pretty easy. My advice: Take a chance and be different. That doesn't mean you have to wear less, just be more creative and consider the not so typical prom dress. Take a look.

By the way, Happy 4th of July...and yes, I do have plans tonight (putting my son to sleep at 8 and watching the fireworks from my balcony). Yeah..I'm cool.


jenifer said...
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Lauren Biada said...

Okay-I got this blog from Eliza Magazine and I am a big fan! The comments about prom dresses are so true, but it's near impossible to get a beautiful gown without yards of pastel tulle and taffeta. I would love for you to do an entry about chic gowns and different twists for a prom look, it would be dynamite. Keep up the good work :)