Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kate Hudson Style!

Celebrities and their style. As much as we hate to admit it, we love to look at them, study what their wearing and try to do it ourselves. Kate Hudson may not have the best taste in clothes all the time ( it may be her stylist) but once in a while she wears something really great. Like this outfit. I love these colors together. The light pastel green, gray, brown, and red. You would never think to put any of these together but they actually work.

I also love the way she did it. Her cropped jacket gives her a higher leg line and makes her look taller. She also wore long jeans and barely lets those red shoes peak through. For being shorter than 5.5, I'd say she looks 5.8+. Isn't that the point?

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1 comment:

Amelia Merritt said...

Her stylist, perhaps on and off, is Rachel Zoe. I saw this pic and loved it also.