Saturday, May 31, 2008

Same Look, Two Different Styles

Many clothing companies will often put out the same pattern in different ways. For example, French Connection has this as a blouse and a skirt. It's up to you how you choose to wear them. Do you pick one and style it with another garment or do you wear them together? This might help you choose.

**The look on the left would look great on someone who is a little bottom heavy (pear shape) because the focal point of the outfit is upward. The look on the right would be ideal for someone with broad shoulders or with bigger bust.

Same look but with the necklace on:
If you're really daring, go for this look. The necklace still brings the attention up towards the face, even though the pattern is really busy. Plus, by throwing in another color, it makes the pattern an accent instead of the main focal point.


Chana said...

Excellent blog...I love it..

Nancy Mitchell said...

Such good advise, Erin. I especially loved the advise about using the yellow accessories to balance the strong black and white pattern. I also loved the early post about the two young girls at the mall and the Britney comments. I appreciate how sensitive you were to her, really.

It's been so cold this spring, it has been difficult dressing and I've worn the same things, lots of navy, wool and linin over and over!

Glad you are back! Stay well. If I can help you ever let me know.

Nancy Mitchell

Bart, Erin, and Vander Olson said...

This is your best posting yet. Your pregnancy must be somehow inspiring you to come up with better and better advice! Thanks so much, girls all over the world should learn about Shape Candy!